No matter what they say, you ARE good enough!

As a mom, I cant help the feeling that I am not good enough. Not only because I am a 1st time mommy, but also because everyone around you will do a great job of making you feel this way. If you feel or have ever felt this way before, I guarantee; you are not alone. Whether its how we do things as mothers, or as a significant other, and how we treat them someone will always have their own opinions about how things should be done (e.g. if you don’t wash his clothes enough, if you don’t cook for him on the daily etc..) name it, I’ve been accused of it all. Not because I’m a terrible spouse or lazy, only because they are looking at my relationship thru a window and they don’t know what REALLY happens. Don’t let peoples opinions change who you are and how you do things. Although I know its easier said than done.

When I 1st started hearing peoples opinions about how they think I am as a mother or significant other, I found myself doing extra than what I was originally doing only to satisfy others. Until my significant other came to me and told me “who gives a damn what others think and say, you do more than enough for me and my son.” just hearing his words made me feel soo much better inside but still, I have the unconfident side of me whispering in my ear…..”did you cook? did you clean? are caring for the baby right? “and believe it or not but it does do a number on me mentally. I find my self double thinking about everything I do. If you’re the type that has opinions about people and how they do things I would have to say….”let them be.” Not everything will be done your way and hey….maybe it doesn’t work for you but if they’re dong it than, hey! it must work for them. and when it comes to relationships, never stick your nose in their business. if he or she isn’t complaining than maybe it isn’t a problem, so don’t make it one.

As a mommy the feeling of encouragement is important. Whether its our 1st time being a mommy or our 3rd, 4th, 5th, its all new to us. The feeling that we are doing something wrong is only natural but I’m pretty sure 99 % of the time you are doing things the right way. Our mind is an expert of making us freak out at anything out of the ordinary. And having people making us feel like we are fucking shit up only makes it worse. I am here to tell you that You are doing great and no matter what others say you are wonderful at what you do and you are more than good enough.


5 thoughts on “No matter what they say, you ARE good enough!

  1. Thank you! This is how I exactly feel now. I’m not a mother yet; I’m still 22 weeks along. But already, many people make me feel like that I’m not doing pregnancy right. As if there’s a perfect way to become pregnant! Some people are just so impossible. I feel glad that I’m not alone. And again, thank you for this reminder 🙂 xoxo


  2. I have learned other people’s opinions are simply just that. They are entitled and that’s coo, but no one is going to make me feel like I am “not good enough” or not doing something right. You know why, cause, I probably am not. The joy of being a wife and mom. Every day is new, things are always changing. Thanks for the great reminder! and girl, you’re more than enough. Especially as long as your husband and child think so, their opinion and your own is all that matters! xx


    1. Thank you for that. You are definitely right. No matter if you’re doing things Dwight or walk, there will always be others opinions against that. It’s like the saying “damned if you do, damned if you don’t.” As long at you and your little family is happy. That’s all that matters ❤️


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