how many mommies out there feel like they are soo ready to say “I QUIT! “? Not to being a mom in general but saying “i quit” to everything else. if so, you are not alone. I cant stress enough about how difficult life gets when becoming a mommy. One of my biggest problems is adjusting to being a Stay-at-home mom. Before Liam came into my life i was working as a veterinarian technician and i was doing it for 7 years non stop. i also had my own petsitting side business were i had my own clientele and i was visiting 2 to 3 houses a day. I started fairly young. I got my very 1st job when i turned 15 and i never left. I went from working 50 to 60 hours a week to staying home with the baby. By far, the hardest thing I’ve had to adjust to the 24 years I’ve been on this lovely planet.

All my life i’ve wanted to be a mommy, so im happy, but the situation im in makes it difficult. Im sure all of you already know the challenges that comes with having a child. Everyone around you all of a sudden become experts in how to raise a baby. Everything you do is “possibly” wrong to their liking. If your child sneezes, he has a very bad cold. If he rubs his ear, he has a bad ear infection….name it, ive heard it. Im very anal when it comes to what my son eats, (e.g, not drinking whole milk {hes too young} not having sweets, and fats) strictly fruits, veggies, grains, bread here and there. Hes still adjusting to baby food, cereals, baby rice…..and i have people offering him cookies, whole milk and ice cream when i am not looking which, c’mon…..a taste is fine. I mean what harm can that do, but at 9pm? Anyway…im sure you catch my drift. its very difficult to have your own way in doing things 24/7 and someone comes in whenever they want and try to change it. As a mother i’ve changed soo much. I am very sensitive when it comes to my son and i am very easy to upset. im not the only one, right?

The other difficulty is dealing with your significant other. When you get pregnant you believe that you will get all the help in the world, but not all stories are fairy tales. my boyfriend works most of the time so its only me. Which i dont mind, but im sure you all have seen the commercial were the mom or dad are sick and they walk into the child’s bedroom asking for a day off and the child looks at them like if they’re crazy…..that’s my life. I dont get to take naps whenever i feel like it and i dont get to just get up and leave as i please. Than you deal with your in laws, with your relationship issues because we ALL have them, and than we deal with problems we have within ourselves. its ALOT to take in. no one is perfect and not all days are a walk in the park.

If most days you just want to take your baby and dissapear, your not alone either. sometimes i want to explode but ive learned a few tricks to ease my mind and think that this is only temporary and that things will get easier. One of the things i do is go for a nice long walk. Fresh air will definitely help, and it’ll distract your mind. Exercising also does the trick for me. going for a nice jog, doing aerobics, and even Zumba will give you enough cardio to distress yourself. finding a hobby and doing something that you enjoy will also help. Before starting this blog i was having a very hard time finding a hobby or something that i enjoyed doing to help time pass a little faster. My hobbies that i originally had are impossible to do with a 9 moth old and no vehicle. Such as hiking, shopping, going to the beach, site seeing etc. I had to find something else to do with my time once baby and chores are taken care of.

Finances are also a major struggle. its very difficult to go from making a great full time salary to nothing at all. Instead of combining 2 salaries now we are only living off of 1. I have come across a couple of stay at home jobs but of course you run the risk of the offer not being legit. I also get alot of offers from moms who sale dieting supplements or make up. Im all for doing work at home for extra income but unfortunately i dont think those types of jobs are for me. Ive looked at my options like Younique, Itworks, Avon, Marykay etc. but i dont think itll work for me. if you guys have any options that you believe actually work,feel free to share them in the comment below and id love to look into it…..so moving along with our original topic all of these factors make it very difficult and it makes us want to just scream out I QUIT!!! Yes, it is very hard, and ive come very close, i mean inches away from pulling my hair out but than i think….is this all worth it? than i look at my son and i tell myself, for him….its all worth it. So im here to tell you ive been thru hell and back and im still here giving it my all. If i can do it, so can you. You dont have to be a mom to struggle, we all do. Im here to tell you that it’ll all get better and to hang in there. unfortunately we have to go thru the shitty storm to see the rainbow.


What to do…🤔

Good evening ladies n gents, today I would Like to tackle the topic of what to do at home when you’re a stay-at-home mom. doing chores and taking care of your little one is a given. for you and baby not to feel coooked up inside what do you normally do? in the video I mention how I normally pet sat and how it’s difficult now that I’m a mother. with only one car and a working hubby, I’m very limited. what would you recommend to do to stay occupied.? after chores and cooking of coarse. I enjoy cooking breakfast and dinner. that normally makes me happy. but when all of that is done I like to keep occupied  and the baby is only getting more and more curious. I also love to do things that’ll include him satisfying his curiosity. I also enjoy giving time to myself. doing my make up and hair make me feel good inside and I highly recommend it. even if you don’t have a boo to impress. Do it for yourself. take a #selfie once in a while. Make a #duckface and do your make up just because. being a mother is definately a 24/7 job but  never forget that giving yourself attention is also important. love yourself and remember that nomatter what you are beautiful ♡

Going back to our original topic keeping get ourselves and our little ones busy is a challenge. share with me what it is that you do. share your story with me.

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please watch the video were this topic will continue



When your little one gets a hold of your makeup 😣

I’m sure we all know the struggle of thinking our make up is perfectly safe in a safe spot and we turn around and it’s destroyed! I have a 9 month old now, and boy is he adventurous! he gets into things, and sometimes I think, how did he get a hold of that! I’m sure we can all agree it’s a major  struggle to get ready when you have a toddler crawling around and getting into everything. So when I do my make up, I normally sit him near me and give him toys to distract him with. I give him toys and put his favorite cartoons on. it’s either a hit or miss. I know he is either going to get into all of my makeup and  try to eat my brushes or he’ll play with his toys and watch his “toonies”. 99.9% of the time it will be A miss. most of the time the 15 minutes I take to get ready are critical so I give him something from my make up bag to distract him. but of course, giving in always comes with a price. he has gotten into my brushes and has broken one of my favorite bronzers 😣. even when I know time is very limited for ME to get ready I try to use the little time very wisely because I know any minute, my boyfriend will be coming into the room saying “let’s go, it’s getting late.” I’m sure the more we do it, the more we will get used to quickly making ourselves look flawless on top of just saying ” the hell with it” and just walk out with a bare face. that was definately the option for me. But than I started realizing that feeling beautiful definately makes a difference in our lives. yes it’s a struggle but it can be done. and you’d feel soo much better ♡