Why a blog? Well…..

Why  a blog? Well….

Hello readers, welcome to my blog. The reason why i started, or am thinking about making this a hobby is because, well when i have free time, why not share my stories with you all. I am a first time mommy of an 8 month old and man is it tough. For a while now I’ve been trying to think about ways i can reach out to you and make a place were we can all chat and share our crazy stories. God knows we have a whole lot of them! Also, as a mommy who has time to worry about making ourselves look pretty right? well, im here to tell you its all possible. How we feel, and our self esteem is a big part of keeping ourselves feeling beautiful and amazing. which is why i decided to give my blog the name Being a mommy & beauty. Feeling good about ourselves is a must. Of course no ones lives are perfect and we all need that someone to be there for us when we need help. That is the main reason for me wanting to make this blog. So i can have a chance in being that someone were you can feel free to ask questions and even just want to talk about a specific subject, i am here.



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