What to do…๐Ÿค”

Good evening ladies n gents, today I would Like to tackle the topic of what to do at home when you’re a stay-at-home mom. doing chores and taking care of your little one is a given. for you and baby not to feel coooked up inside what do you normally do? in the video I mention how I normally pet sat and how it’s difficult now that I’m a mother. with only one car and a working hubby, I’m very limited. what would you recommend to do to stay occupied.? after chores and cooking of coarse. I enjoy cooking breakfast and dinner. that normally makes me happy. but when all of that is done I like to keep occupied ย and the baby is only getting more and more curious. I also love to do things that’ll include him satisfying his curiosity. I also enjoy giving time to myself. doing my make up and hair make me feel good inside and I highly recommend it. even if you don’t have a boo to impress. Do it for yourself. take a #selfie once in a while. Make a #duckface and do your make up just because. being a mother is definately a 24/7 job but ย never forget that giving yourself attention is also important. love yourself and remember that nomatter what you are beautiful โ™ก

Going back to our original topic keeping get ourselves and our little ones busy is a challenge. share with me what it is that you do. share your story with me.

#mom #momlife #mommystyle #baby

please watch the video were this topic will continue




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