When your little one gets a hold of your makeup πŸ˜£

I’m sure we all know the struggle of thinking our make up is perfectly safe in a safe spot and we turn around and it’s destroyed! I have a 9 month old now, and boy is he adventurous! he gets into things, and sometimes I think, how did he get a hold of that! I’m sure we can all agree it’s a major  struggle to get ready when you have a toddler crawling around and getting into everything. So when I do my make up, I normally sit him near me and give him toys to distract him with. I give him toys and put his favorite cartoons on. it’s either a hit or miss. I know he is either going to get into all of my makeup and  try to eat my brushes or he’ll play with his toys and watch his “toonies”. 99.9% of the time it will be A miss. most of the time the 15 minutes I take to get ready are critical so I give him something from my make up bag to distract him. but of course, giving in always comes with a price. he has gotten into my brushes and has broken one of my favorite bronzers 😣. even when I know time is very limited for ME to get ready I try to use the little time very wisely because I know any minute, my boyfriend will be coming into the room saying “let’s go, it’s getting late.” I’m sure the more we do it, the more we will get used to quickly making ourselves look flawless on top of just saying ” the hell with it” and just walk out with a bare face. that was definately the option for me. But than I started realizing that feeling beautiful definately makes a difference in our lives. yes it’s a struggle but it can be done. and you’d feel soo much better β™‘


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