The ex girlfriend 😠

I’m sure soo many of you have experienced something negative with the ex. Wether it’s an ex boyfriend/girlfriend. Sometimes dealing with them comes with the package especially if your significant other has kids. I want to share a recent experiance of mine with the ex girlfriend 😣.  If you have read my recent blogs I’m sure you would have already learned that I am a stay at home mom. Before the pregnancy I worked for 7 years as a veterinarian technician at a very busy animal Hospital. Saying that, I’m used to working. It has been a very big part of my life. Due to breast feeding and the lack of having someone trustworthy to take care of my son I’ve had to leave my job to be a full time mommy. One day, as my son was asleep I looked on Indeed and for some reoson I just had the urge to update my resume. And so I did. The next day I got a call from a call center wanting to schedule an interview. I thought it was wierd because I didn’t have much experiance to qualify for a call center rep. I have more hands on experience drawing blood etc. But I didnt think too much of it. I tell the rep that I will have to wait for my fiance to come home to discuss the situation. She says “no problem” and that was that. The next day I get another call from the same call center. She seems a little more pushy this time and asks if I have talked to my fiance. I say no, and tell her that I will call them back if and when I make a decision. She said ok, and hung up. In my mind I’m thinking that normally when places want to hire they aren’t as insistent because they have plenty of applications they go thru. But again, I don’t think much of it and let it go. Now moving on to another story, both stories will combine shortly 😏. I get along very well with my fiancé family. We spend alot of time together and of course they met the ex, before me. They mention her here and there and tell me crazy stories about her. (She wasn’t liked much) one of his cousins tell me that the ex had recently contacted her via instagram asking questions about my fiancé.  Like how is he doing? Is he happy? Etc. The cousin ignores her of course. The ex sends 2 more of his cousins friend requests back to back over and over again as I’m sitting right besides them. I have to admit, I got really upset. A week before she had sent me 4 friend request in a row so in my mind I’m thinking she’s really nosey and desperate. As im Sitting there seeing his cousins deny her request AGAIN I got livid and decided to send her a nice little message on facebook. She seemed like she needed answers so I gave them to her. I’m not gonna go too much into detail on what I wrote in my message but I told her how it is. She responded angrily of course and she said that she was the one whom was Contacting me for an interview! 😐😣😟 when I read that I was soo upset. She knew it was me, the girlfriend.  She went out of her way to than contact my fiance  (her ex) and ask him why I don’t work. And why I don’t want an interview. Like really? How bad of a psycho are you? To go out of your way, Find my info, than try to schedule an interview! Of course me and her continued to go back and forth in the messages and she later tells me that she, herself in engaged. Ok? Than why are you bothering me, contacting my man, and trying to do psycho shit (excuse my language). I was going nowere talking to her so I blocked her. I was waisting my time. It’s insane how someone can do this. Are you unhappy? Miserable? Why try to cause drama? I got a nice little laugh out of this,well, after being upset 😣

So, this was my crazy experiance. What’s yours?




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