Missing him….

So today, I want to talk about something slightly different. Of course with being a mommy, you have your significant other. Being a mommy is hard work but when your boyfriend/husband travels for work, it makes it 10x harder. My boyfriend works for a union and travels for work. Sometimes I see him daily, sometimes he’s out for a week or even longer. Having your partner travel is hard because you feel like a piece of you is away. My son loves his daddy, he video chats and smiles every time he hears his voice. And it kills me inside because I know his dad wishes he can experiance every little thing the baby is doing. It also gives us a chance to get spark back into our relationship. When seeing eachother every day it doesn’t allow you or him to miss eachother. And sometimes that’s all a relationship needs. When you are together 24/7 fights start to happen, you start wanting to want time alone etc. 2 months ago we were both working from home and of course we wanted to eat eachother alive. But I believe everything happens s for a reoson and sometimes change is good. But everything comes with a flaw. Nothing is perfect. If you have your significant other traveling for work when you’re at home tell me how you deal with it. Tell me your story 🙂


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